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1.   Processing of personal data

1.1.   Shipzee.com protects and respects the privacy of Customers (natural persons using the services provided by Shipzee.com), and this Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what data is collected by Shipzee.com and why they collect them. Also, the basics that Shipzee.com collects, manages, and stores personal data collected by Shipzee.com or transmitted by Customers themselves are also provided here.

1.2.   All Customer's personal data are processed in accordance with the requirements of applicable countries and European Union data protection law. Shipzee.com shall protect Customer's personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures.

1.3.   Customers are considered familiar with personal data processing regulations when they fill in a form for ordering goods from the US and / or consent to transfer their personal data to Shipzee.com newsletters.

1.4.   Shipzee.com may collect and manage the information provided by Customers when ordering goods on this website at https://www.shipzee.com. This information includes information provided when ordering, subscribing to news, sending messages, or other questions to Shipzee.com. by mail. Shipzee.com also collects order information from the Customer for orders.

1.5.   Shipzee.com collects and manages the following personal data: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, progress and history of orders placed, IP address when the Service Provider provides them, Customer Request History. The Customer understands and agrees that Shipzee.com will provide the name, address, email address of the person. The e-mail address, as well as the telephone number of the parcel company, through which the Customer's goods arrive from the US to the address indicated by the Customer in applicable countries.

1.6.   Shipzee.com may collect and use data that is not directly related to the Customer's person for statistical purposes (eg data on purchased goods). Such statistics will be collected and processed in such a way as to prevent the disclosure of the identity of the Customer or other personal data which would make it possible to identify the person.

1.7.   Shipzee.com manages the Customer's personal data as it is necessary to provide the Customer's ordered service (eg by sending the item to the Customer at the address specified by the Customer) as well as for the fulfillment of Shipzee.com's obligations under the legislation (eg invoicing and US legislation). Shipzee.com confirms that although Shipzee.com is established and operates in the US under US law, the servers on which the Client's data is stored are located in a Member State of the European Union.

1.8.   The main purposes of personal data processing: order processing, administration; delivery of goods to the address specified by the Customer; invoices for ordered goods and other financial documents; problems with the provision of services; Newsletters for Customer For Shipzee.com services; other contractual obligations; providing timely and correct responses to Customer requests; statistics analysis, general research, which allows to improve services and improve their quality.

1.9.   Shipzee.com does not transfer any personal data to any third party without the prior consent of the Customer, except for the parcel services that deliver the goods ordered by the Customer to the address indicated by the Customer. Such transfer is necessary in all cases in order to properly execute the Customer's order.

1.10.   Personal data may only be provided to law enforcement, judicial or pre-trial authorities for their investigations, or in other cases provided for by law without the individual consent of the Customer.

1.11.   Customers are granted certain rights related to the protection of their personal data, which are:

          the right of access to your personal data processed;

          the right to require Shipzee.com to correct inaccurate personal data relating to the Customer without undue delay;

          the right to require Shipzee.com to transmit all or part of the Customer's information to the Customer or other data controller, where technically
          feasible (data portability);

          the right to request the deletion of personal data when there is a legal basis (eg when data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they
          were collected or when data are processed illegally);

          the right to require data processing to be restricted where there is a legal basis for doing so;

          the right to apply to the responsible data protection authority and to lodge a complaint concerning the illegality of the processing of his personal

          the right to apply to Shipzee.com by e-mail [email protected] and to disclose to the Customer the news sent by e-mail. Newsletter can also be
          unsubscribed by email. by clicking on the link in the newsletter received by post.

1.12.   All questions, comments and requests related to the processing of personal data may be submitted to the e-mail address [email protected]. In case of doubt about the Customer's identity Shipzee.com may require additional information to correctly identify the Customer.

1.13.   The State Data Protection Inspectorate, address A. Juozapavičiaus g. 6, LT-09310 Vilnius, www.ada.lt. Shipzee.com recommends contacting [email protected] or telephone +370 686 9994 with responsible Shipzee.com before submitting a formal complaint to find a solution to the problem.

1.14.   Shipzee.com uses services provided by third parties (eg shipping services). It may be necessary to grant access to the Customer's personal data for the proper provision of such services. In this case, Shipzee.com ensures that the processors comply with confidentiality and personal data protection obligations.

1.15.   The data provided by the Customer and collected for order execution shall be stored until the ordered goods are delivered to the Customer, unless the legislation prescribes different, longer storage terms. Email Mail to send Shipzee.com newsletters is stored indefinitely, except when Customer declines newsletters.

2.   Using Cookies at Shipzee.com

2.1.   Shipzee.com informs you that your email uses cookies on the page. This is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device browser when you visit Shipzee.com. The next time you visit the site, this file can be scanned for the site to recognize your computer or mobile device.

2.2.   This policy explains how Shipzee.com uses cookies. This policy may be partially amended without prior notice. To ensure that you use up-to-date information about the use of cookies, please review this policy regularly for possible changes. By using Shipzee.com you agree to the placing of cookies on your computer according to the rules set out in this policy. If you do not agree to accept cookies from this site, please disable your cookie support in your web browser or opt out of this site.

2.3.   Most web browsers accept cookies by default. However, you have the ability to disable cookies by changing your browser settings. You can also configure your browser settings so that you can only accept relevant cookies, or receive an alert message that allows you to decide whether to store cookies on your computer. There are different options for managing cookies on your computer, eg., will help you „the help (en. help)“ section in your browser. You can also delete or disable the accumulated information. If cookie support is disabled, this may limit the use of the Shipzee.com site.

2.4.   Shipzee.com uses cookies to collect Shipzee.com site statistics (about site visits, understanding how visitors use the site, and help with site related issues, etc.).

2.5.   Shipzee.com also uses third-party cookies: facebook, so facebook can also use cookies on Shipzee.com. Facebook's use of cookies is subject to its privacy policy, not to Shipzee.com privacy policy.