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How it Works?

First thing you will need to do is sign up for a new account. Registering is free and all you need to do is provide your name, email and receiving address. Once registered, you will be able to login to your Shipzee account. Make sure to provide your full name and correct shipping address. It is important that the name provided is correct in order to prevent problems with customs and upon delivery. Don't worry if you plan to change your address in the future, this can all be done through your Shipzee account.
Once you have registered, we will provide you with your own private US address. Your address can be found in your Shipzee account along with your unique "Suite" number. Make sure to accurately provide your name, unique "Suite" number and our US warehouse address when shopping for goods online in order to prevent any delays or lost packages.
When you login to your Shipzee account, you will be able to view all of your items that we have received at our warehouse. It takes up to 24 hours to enter arriving packages into our system. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you see that your package has been delivered but does not yet show up in your account. Once you see that your packages have arrived, you will have the option to create a forward request.
Whether you are shipping a single or consolidated parcel, need it quickly or there is no rush, Shipzee offers you different shipping options to meet your needs and budget. At this point you will need to decide which shipping option to use, if you want your goods repackaged and whether you want to send it as a gift. You will have to declare the contents of the shipment as well as the value of each item. Once you submit a forward request, Shipzee will begin processing your request immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

After a successful registration Shipzee will provide you a valid personal US address with a unique account number - Suite. You will be able to use it as a delivery address for your purchased items from any US online store. Upon the delivery we will automatically assign your packages to your account and store them in our warehouse until you decide to forward your received items to applicable countries.
Your delivery address can be located under the section “Your US Address”, after logging into your Shipzee account.
Standard package handling fee is 5 USD. The final price will depend on the shipping fee and the cost of additionally selected services while forwarding a shipment request to applicable countries. Approximate shipping price can be calculated by using our calculator here - https://shipzee.com/calculator.

Important: the minimal shipping price for shipping a package via air is $17.2 or $21.70 if the package is shipped via sea.
We will store your packages in our warehouse free of charge for 45 days after the delivery. If you store your packages longer than 45 days you will be charged 1 USD per package for each additional day. If you do not create a shipment for your package after 90 days of storage it will be disposed.

Important: if your package had been disposed after 90 days of storage, no complaints will be accepted and no incurred losses covered.
The shipping price is calculated either by the actual weight or the dimensional weight (whichever is larger).
To calculate dimensional weight for air shipments we use the following formula: Length x Width x Height / 200; for sea shipments: Length x Width x Height / 300.
Yes. If your package is lost during transportation, Shipzee will refund the full declared value of the package.

Important: the maximum amount of compensation cannot exceed the amount of your declared parcel value and/or the amount specified on the purchase documents.
Orders shipped from our warehouse in the US usually arrive to applicable countries in 7-10 business days by air shipments or in 4-6 weeks by sea shipment. You will be able to the choose shipping method when creating a forward request.

Important: the Customs Department has a right to withhold packages for additional verification. In such cases standard delivery terms may be prolonged.
All packages are delivered by private courier companies to your provided address. You will be able to choose the shipping type when creating a forward request.
When creating a forward request, you will be able to choose 3 additional services:

Repacking service (free) – usually boxes that come from the stores are too big for items inside. We can repackage your goods into smaller boxes or durable mail bags to reduce the shipping cost.
Important: the purpose of repackaging service is to reduce the package size and shipping costs. Shipzee takes no responsibility for the damage that may be caused during transportation if you select this service. Shipzee reserves the right to not repackage your parcel for various reasons without clarification.
Consolidation service (5 USD) – a fixed $5 consolidation fee is applied when consolidating 2-3 packages, for every additional package $1 fee will be applied on top.
Gift wrapping service (5 USD) – selecting the gift wrapping service, we will remove all the invoices indicating the value of the received items.
Important: this does not include packaging your goods into gift paper or sending your package as a "Gift".
Each package is identified by the personal Suite number indicated on the parcel.
Usually all shipments appear in the system within 24 hours (working days) from the moment of their delivery if your Suite number is indicated on the shipment correctly. Important: In rare cases, we might receive an unusually large number of shipments in our US warehouse, so due to the increased workload, it may take up to 5 business days for the parcels to be assigned to your account.
Yes. If there is a need to have the package returned to the seller, please contact us via email [email protected] and provide the return label together with return instructions from the store.

Important: this service has a fixed 20 USD fee per package.
In accordance with general EU laws, shipments that have a declared value that is higher than 50 USD are subject to customs duties and import taxes.
In this case, VAT and customs duties will have to be paid, which is about 25-30% of the total parcel value (shipping costs are included in the total parcel value). There will also be a fixed customs broker fee of 30 USD for each suspended package.

In the event of client's refusal to pay import duties, the shipment may be returned to the U.S. (customer covers all costs associated with returning of the shipment). If the customer refuses to pay import duties or cover the costs of returning the shipment, the shipment is disposed of.
You will be required to declare the value of the package by yourself while creating a forward request.
Customs officers have the right to suspend and inspect any package if the declared value or content of the package are causing any doubts. In such case, customs authorities may request documents that prove the declared value of the goods dispatched. Failure to provide such documents will result in taxes calculated by the customs authorities according to the current market price of the goods.
If your package was damaged upon the delivery, you must contact Shipzee support within 48 hours by sending email containing detailed description, photos of the damaged package and its content and the evaluation of the damage. A case will be opened to determine the cause and assess the damage.
Important: the maximum amount of compensation cannot exceed the amount of your declared parcel value and/or the amount specified in the purchase documents.
Our services are provided for individuals only.
Shipzee is registered in the US, therefore, we are unable to provide VAT invoices.
• Firearms, guns & accessories, including: replicas, compound bows, and crossbows
• Thermal imaging, Infrared or other night vision devices
• Rifle scopes, laser pointing & aiming devices for firearms, ammunition
• Defense articles controlled under the US Munitions List as defined under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations
• Explosives, fireworks, gun powder, flares or matches
• Gasoline, diesel or other fuel
• Prescription medications
• Prohormones, Human Growth Hormones, stem cell treatments, steroids or synthetic versions
• Perishable products of any kind
• Food products of any kind
• Alcohol or tobacco products
• Poisonous substances
• Toxic substances, including inhalation hazards
• Infectious substances
• Explosives, fireworks, gun powder, flares or matches
• Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
• Radioactive elements or products
• Oxidizing agents
• Fire extinguishers
• BB/pellet/airsoft/paintball guns, parts and projectiles
• Damaged batteries
• Any dual-use or commercial article controlled under the Commerce Control List (CCL) as defined under the Export Administration Regulations, where the control status requires a Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) approved export license
• Contraband or illegal substances
• Gambling devices & accessories
• Live or dead animals or insects
• Agricultural products, including certain seeds, live or dead plants, unfinished or untreated wood & soil
• Items containing animal products controlled under the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, or requiring a permit under CITES
• Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical
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