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How it Works?

First thing you will need to do is sign up for a new account. Registering is free and all you need to do is provide your name, email, and receiving address. Once registered you will be able to login to your Shipzee Mailbox. Make sure to provide your full name and correct shipping address. This will be the address used when mailing out your packages. It is important that the name provided is correct in order to prevent problems with customs and upon delivery. Don't worry if you plan to change your address in the future, this can all be done through your Shipzee Mailbox.
Once you have registered we will provide you with your own private US mailing address. Your address can be found in your Shipzee Mailbox along with your unique Suite #. When you purchase your items this address along with your suite number will act as your US shipping address. Make sure to accurately provide your name, unique suite #, and our US address when shopping for goods online in order to prevent any delays.
When you login to your Shipzee Mailbox you will be able to view all of your items that we have received at our warehouse. At this point you will be able to choose if you want your packages consolidated, repackaged or prepared to be sent as a gift. It takes up to 24 hours to enter arriving packages into our system. Therefore do not be alarmed if you see that your package has been delivered, but does not yet show up in your mailbox. Once you see that your packages have arrived, you will have the option to have your items shipped to you. You will also be able to decide if you want to consolidate one or more boxes together when creating a shipment.
Whether you are shipping a single or consolidated parcel, need it quickly or there is no rush, Shipzee offers you different shipping options to meet your needs and budget. At this point you will need to decide which shipping option to use, if you want your goods repackaged, and whether you want to send it as a gift. You will have to declare the contents of the shipment as well as the value of each item. If you choose to have you shipment consolidated or repackaged, Shipzee will begin processing your request. When shipping a single box that isn't being repackaged, we will provide you with a final price as you create your shipment.


Shipping Options

Shipping through Atlantic Express Corp Air Service is our most popular shipping option. Ships out every Thursday. Delivery takes 7-10 business days. Includes $100 worth of total loss insurance free of charge. Track your package online at any time. Minimum chargeable weight is 2 lbs. Packages over 70 lbs will be charged an additional $1 for each pound over.
Our most affordable option and the cheapest way to get your items overseas. While it does take up to 6 weeks for delivery, this option makes sense when shipping heavy or oversized items. Ships out every Thursday. Delivery takes 4-6 weeks. Includes $100 of total loss insurance free of charge. Track your package online at any time. Minimum chargeable weight is 15 lbs. Packages over 70 lbs will be charged an additional $1 for each pound over.


Service Pricing

If you wish to combine one or more packages into one shipment, a one-time $5 fee will be charged. This fee remains the same whether you are consolidating one or ten boxes into a single package.
If you want to have your shipment prepared as a gift you will be charged a one-time fee of $5. With the gift wrap service all invoices and receipts will be discarded prior to shipment. Unfortunately this service does not actually include gift wrapping your items.
When ordering goods online many times the box used for shipping will be unnecessarily large for the item inside. As a courtesy to our clients Shipzee will offer free repackaging in such cases. We will take the item and either place it in a smaller box or inside a low weight mailer bag, which is tamper and weatherproof. Items of a fragile nature such as electronics will not be eligible for this service. Shipzee will also not be responsible for any damage that may occur due to repackaging.
We will store your packages free of charge for 45 days after which you wil charged $1 per day for every package that has not been sent out.


Frequently Asked Questions

After a successful registration Shipzee will provide you a valid personal US address with a unique account number - Suite. Later you will be able to use it as a delivery address in any US online store. Upon the delivery we will automatically assign your packages to your account and store in our warehouse until you decide to forward your packages to Lithuania.
Log in to your Shipzee account and go to „Inbox“. Your delivery address should appear in the page under the section “Your US Address”.
The full price will depend on the shipping fee and the cost of additional services ordered while placing a shipment order to Lithuania.
We will store your packages in our warehouse free of charge for 45 days after the delivery. If you store your packages longer than 45 days you will be charged $1 per package for each additional day.
Price depends on your chosen shipping method (Express and Economy shipping methods are available), measurements and weight of a package.
Important: minimal chargeable price for air shipments is $16.40; sea shipments $20.44
If package dimensions are disproportionately large in relation to the actual weight, the shipping cost will be calculated on the basis of the volumetric weight. For air shipments we use formula: Length x Width x Height /200; for sea shipments we use following formula: Length x Width x Height /300.
After your order is shipped from our office in USA, it usually arrives to Lithuania in 7-10 business days by air shipment and in 4-6 weeks by sea shipment. You will be able to choose delivery type and compare shipping prices in your personal offer. All shipments are dispatched on Thursdays.

* customs officers have a right to withhold packages for additional verification. In such cases standard delivery terms may be prolonged.
All packages are delivered by couriers to your given address.
You can choose from 3 additional services:

Repacking service (free) – usually boxes that come from online stores are too big for the items inside. We can repackage your goods into smaller boxes or durable mail bags to reduce your shipping costs.
Important: The sole purpose of repackaging service is to reduce a package size and shipping costs, therefore Shipzee takes no responsibility for the damage that may be caused during the transportation.
Consolidation service (5 USD) – you can combine two or more consignments into one package and pay a one-time fee no matter the quantity of the packages.
Gift wrapping service (5 USD) – ordering a gift wrapping service will remove all invoices indicating the value the item. Unfortunately this does not include packaging your goods into gift paper.
Each package owner in our warehouse is identified by the personal Suite number indicated on the parcel.
Suite information is updated within 24 hours after the package arrives to our warehouse. If you do not see your package within 24 hours after delivery, please contact Shipzee team via email [email protected]
Yes, you have to contact Shipzee team via e-mail and provide package tracking number and instructions along with return shipping label. Return service fee is $10.
In accordance with the general EU rules, goods for which the declared value is higher than 50 USD are subject to customs duties.
In this case, VAT and customs duties will have to be paid, which together make up about 26-30% of the total parcel value (shipping costs are included in the total parcel value). There will also be a fixed customs broker fee of 30 USD for each suspended package.
You will be required to declare the value of the content by yourself while placing a parcel shipment order.
The customs authorities may suspend and inspect each parcel and, if the declared value of the goods is uncertain, the customs authorities may request the submission of proofs of the value of the goods dispatched. Failure to provide these documents may be taxed by the customs authorities according to the market price of the goods dispatched.
If your package was damaged upon the delivery, you must contact Shipzee support within 48 hours by sending email containing detailed description, photos of the damaged package and its content and evaluation of the damage. We will open a case to determine the cause and assess the damage.
Important: the maximum amount of compensation cannot exceed the amount of your declared parcel value and/ or the amount specified in the purchase documents.
Yes. If your parcel/package will be lost during transportation, Shipzee will refund the full declared value of the parcel/package.
Important: the maximum amount of compensation cannot exceed the amount of your declared parcel value and/ or the amount specified in the purchase documents.
Electronic devices that do not have CE marking on them cannot be shipped and cleared at customs in Europe.