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What is Shipzee?

Shipzee.com – a unique shopping platform that allows one to experience an innovative and way more satisfying journey of shopping in USA electronic stores for cheaper pricing.

If your selected product’s price is not something you can afford (with all the taxes and shipping included) or the item, you wish to receive, cannot be shipped straight to applicable countries – Shipzee.com is the one to help!

Simply pick the product you want and Shipzee.com will do the rest! Every single USA based e-shop is supported, all you need to do – fill in the product form on Shipzee.com by attaching your product’s link.

Why is it cheaper to shop&ship with Shipzee.com?

Shipzee.com is using loads of different money-saving methods and techniques that help our customers to shop with peace of mind. Our long-lasting experience in e-commerce business is the key when it comes to gathering a circle of reliable partners and building long-term relationships with marketplaces. This is one of the reasons why we can offer cheaper pricing for products from the most popular USA e-shops. Additionally, Shipzee.com uses such money-saving methods as discount codes, gift cards, and Rebate platforms, that allows us to cover a part of final price for every order. Furthermore, Shipzee.com is saving money by consolidating shopping carts and shipments.

All the import taxes and VAT, are included in the final price you are offered by Shipzee.com.

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